Promesses: I wrote the core of this song 10 years ago in Paris. The milky light was shining in this beautiful white apartment on the Rue de Bretagne. It felt calm and full of possibilities yet a melancholily of something that didn’t exist tainted this beautiful moment. I felt young and old at the same time. It is a song written on and for the guitar, its resonances and specific harmonies taking place in the body of the wood.

Once in Berlin, I tried to record this song many times in very different settings. Vulnerability was perceived as weakness, melancholy as sadness and versatility as uncertainty. “Promesses” is a song about unspoken feelings, about having an open heart to possibilities, about light being untangled with shadows. I didn’t know by then, but I had to let it sit for a while until it could be born into the world.

When I met Carlos Vin, I didn’t know he would be the storyteller that this song needed. Based on a self recorded demo, he gave an other dimension to “Promesses” by writing a story board people could relate to. Gathering a pool of creatives around the song -  starting by the creative producer Valerio - we created a multi facets world. Our trip to the countryside near Leipzig to shoot this video became the starting point of the creative path we intend to lead together.


En Transit: "In transit" is the wait. The silence after realising that it's over. It’s a song suspended between what was and no longer is, what will be but remains unknown. A high point (point d’orgue) in the fading relationship and a bridge to reunion with yourself.

The time stands still. 

Stop: A mundane story. A meeting without a future, which is appreciated in the moment. In a way, it’s authentic and joyful but the feelings do not take flight.

Sur le toit: "On the roof" was written and composed in one draft following an unexpected evening on a rooftop overlooking Berlin. The landscape is cut horizontally between the sky and the city, human ties arise, weave, deepen. It’s the joy of being in the right place at the right time.

La question: "The question" is a Berlin triptych. Each part of the text is a sensory and emotional photograph related to a Berlin stage during which I felt confused. First the first contacts, then the immersion and finally the oscillation between the feeling of belonging and the painful uprooting. This mist materializes in the relation to a new language, the renewed confrontation of the limits of language, the birth of a plural identity and the abandonment of total understanding.